All the adhesive tapes ever needed. We supply everything from standard tapes to Custom Die Cut Polymide

Contact & About Us

Assembly Pro Assisting with all your needs Assembly Pro was formed from a team of highly qualified technical sales entrepreneurs. During our time in the industry we discovered a better way to help our clients, so we put together this … Read More


We offer a large range of antistatic Gloves, that variate on size, color and style. Please contact us to obtain the solution you are looking for.

Personal ESD Control

Grounding: We are Specialists in Personnel and Work Surface Grounding. There are many options of the Foot Grounders, Wrist Straps and Work Surface Grounding. Any of these options can be customized to suite your locations needs. 

Soldering Stations and Accessories

Soldering: We offer the highest quality of Weller Soldering Products. They were originated in the USA, designed in Germany and are currently manufactured in Mexico. We offer a big selection of soldering irons, that ranges from the basic stations to … Read More

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