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    Slice Disposable Scalpel-Sterilized  (5 Pack)

    Disposable Sterilized-Scalpel (5 Pack), SL011837, Slice 10574

    The Slice® 10574 Disposable Scalpel features the same non-sparking, non-magnetic ceramic safety blade as our other tools, but with a lightweight, thin scalpel handle for maneuverability (handle is only 3 mm thick without its cap). The strong, slim glass-filled nylon handle of this sterile disposable scalpel fits into tight spaces and allows precise cuts. While our Finger-Friendly® edge is not recommended for applications that truly require ultra-sharp blades (such as surgeries), it provides a safer option for laboratory, craft, and manufacturing uses.

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    Slice Scalpel with Ceramic Replaceable Blade

    Scalpel with Ceramic Replaceable Blade, SL011836, Slice 10568

    The Slice® 10568 Ceramic Scalpel (Replaceable Blade) combines the best features of the 10574 scalpel and the 10548 craft knife. Its slim, flat handle (only 4.1 mm thick without its cap) is capable of reaching into tight spaces, and it includes a replaceable 10518 finger-friendly® blade. The 10568 uses the same blades as the Slice Craft Knife: non-magnetic, non-sparking, non-conductive, chemically inert, and rust free. The blades are autoclave-friendly and safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius, while the handle is lightly weighted for balance and stability.

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