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    Slice Auto Retractable- Utility Scraper

    Auto Retractable – Utility Scraper, SL011843, Slice 10593

    The Slice® 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper is another finger-friendly® addition to our expanding line of safety tools. It features a rounded-tip 10526 safety blade housed in a sturdy, ergonomic, reinforced nylon handle with soft grips for user comfort. Compared with manual scrapers, auto-retractable scrapers typically risk causing hand strain as the user absorbs pressure in the thumb that keeps the blade extended. Slice solves this problem by introducing SureScrape™, a mechanism that reduces strain so users don’t have to choose between safety and comfort. As with all Slice safety ceramics, the 10593’s blade is oil and lubricant free, chemically inert, and never rusts.

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    Slice Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper

    Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper, SL011845, Slice 10597

    The Slice® 10597 Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper is ideal for industries where fixed blades are prohibited, or for anyone looking to find a safer alternative to a manual seam ripper. While retractable seam rippers are available on the market, Slice introduces the first version with advanced ceramic blades. And because the blades are Slice safety ceramics, they feature our finger-friendly® cutting edge. Slice seam ripper handles have a long, thin profile and are made of durable glass-filled nylon. They are compatible with both the rounded-tip and pointed-tip seam ripper blades.

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    Slice Box Cutter Auto-Retractable

    Box Cutter Auto-Retractable, SL011809, Slice 10503

    The Slice® The Slice 10503 auto-retractable box cutter takes safety to a new level with an ergonomic, protective J-hook handle and our patented ceramic safety blades. Avoid injuries with a retractable box cutter that prevents you from accidentally leaving the blade exposed and keep your fingers safe with our protective handle. This safety box cutter uses 100 percent zirconium oxide blades that are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius, and never rust. Suitable for single- and double-walled corrugated.

  • Slice Box Cutter Ceramic Blades -Rounded Tip (Pack of 4)

    Box Cutter Ceramic Blades -Rounded Tip (Pack of 4), SL011804, Slice 10408

    The Slice®10404 box cutter blades are compatible with Slice box cutters, pen knives, and the Slice Mini Cutter. These 100 percent zirconium oxide blades retain their edge 11 times longer than steel and feature our proprietary finger-friendly grind. Slice ceramic blades require no oil coating or special maintenance; they’re non-sparking, non-magnetic, and never rust. The 10404 rounded tip offers extra protection against accidental puncture injuries. When you need a fresh edge, simply reverse the double-sided blade.

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    Ceramic Box Cutter Blades - Pointed Tip (Pack of 4)

    Ceramic Box Cutter Blades – Pointed Tip (Pack of 4) , SL011805, 10408

    The Slice® 10408 box cutter blades feature a pointed tip for applications that require piercing to initiate the cut. As with all Slice ceramic safety blades, our box cutter blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius. They don’t require any special oil coating and will never rust. Use them with all Slice box cutters, pen cutters, and the Mini Cutter.

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    Slice Ceramic Box Cutter

    Ceramic Box Cutter, SL011847, Slice 10400

    The Slice® box cutter revolutionized safety with its ceramic safety blade and unique handle. The Slice 10400 safety box cutter’s ergo handle wraps around your hand, protecting you from staples while providing the perfect angle to expose only as much blade as you need. Used by more than half the Fortune 1000, our patented ceramic safety blade lasts up to 11 times longer than steel and doesn’t require a sharps disposal box. Suitable for single- and double-walled corrugated.

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    Slice Ceramic Craft Blades - Rounded Tip (Pack of 4)

    Ceramic Craft Blades – Rounded Tip (Pack of 4), SL011815, Slice 10520

    The Slice® 10520 craft knife blades are made of 100 percent hand-sharpened zirconium oxide. They feature a curved edge for added maneuverability and a rounded tip to guard against puncture accidents. As with all Slice ceramic safety blades, our 10520 blades are non-magnetic, chemically inert, non-sparking, and never rust. Our craft knife blades are designed for use specifically in the 10548 Craft Knife.

  • Slice Ceramic Craft Blades (Pack of 4)

    Ceramic Craft Blades (Pack of 4), SL011813, Slice 10518

    The Slice® 10518 craft knife blades work with all our craft handles to provide controlled, detailed cuts and a much safer finger-friendly® cutting edge. Unlike standard metal or ceramic craft blades, these straight-edge, rounded-tip blades feature our proprietary safety grind. Moreover, they hold their edge up to 11 times longer than metal, do not require a sharps disposal box, and are recyclable. As with all Slice safety ceramics, these blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and never rust.

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    Slice Ceramic Pen Cutter

    Ceramic Pen Cutter, SL011810, Slice 10512

    The Slice® The Slice 10512 Pen Cutter offers an alternative handle profile to Slice’s safety box cutter. Its slimmer cylindrical shape is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and it uses the same box cutter blades, offering the same great features. These include Slice’s proprietary finger-friendly edge that reduces injuries. Our pen cutter design limits the amount of exposed blade, further preventing accidental cuts. The blade retracts into its housing when the user releases the rubberized slider button.

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    Slice Ceramic Scissors

    Ceramic Scissors, SL011826, Slice 10544

    The Slice® 10544 Ceramic Scissors bring our proprietary finger-friendly grind to safety scissors. This means that, while our scissors cut materials effectively, they resist cutting skin. Used in industrial, institutional, and educational settings alike, these lightweight scissors are ambidextrous and durable. Soft-touch finger grips line their tough glass-filled nylon handles for the ideal mix of strength and comfort. As with all our ceramic blades, these are non-sparking and chemically inert.

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    Slice Chisel Blade (pack of 4)

    Chisel Blade (pack of 4), SL011821, Slice 10534

    The Slice® 10534 Chisel Blades combine our finger-friendly® grind with exceptionally strong zirconium oxide for a stable, precise, and safe scraping edge. Perfect for detailed work, these blades are compatible with most Slice craft and scalpel handles. The blades’ chemically inert, autoclave-friendly, and non-conductive properties make them an ideal choice for electronics manufacturers or lab workers. Like all Slice safety ceramics, they are safe to the touch and last up to 11 times longer than comparable metal blades.

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    Slice Chisel Blades -Narrow
    Double-Sided (Pack of 4)

    Chisel Blades -Narrow, Double-Sided (Pack of 4) SL011854, Slice 10535

    These safer chisel blades feature Slice®’s signature finger-friendly® edge, which scrapes effectively but is safe to the touch. Because they’re made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, they’re non-conductive, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and will never rust. Slice advanced ceramic blades hold their edge up to 11 times longer than a comparable metal blade. Since they’re double sided, each blade actually lasts up to 22 times longer than a single-edge metal chisel. Extra narrow for precision, these blades are ideal for artists, laboratories, electronics manufacturers, and more. The 10535 blades are compatible with Slice craft handles and replaceable-blade scalpel. Each package contains four blades.

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