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Bent Chisel Tip, 0.8MMX0.4MM, T0054461999N – WE012269

Bent Chisel Tip, 0.8MMX0.4MM, T0054461999N – WE012269

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Soldering tip, chisel 0,8 x 0,4 mm
Exceeds MIL-SPEC with < 2 mV current leakage
Heater is contained in tip for super-fast heat-up and temp recovery
High-grade heat transfer system ensures perfect temperature stability
Heat transfer system will handle ground planes and multi-layer boards
Suitable for use with more demanding lead-free solder
A soft molded grip is comfortable and facilitates tip change
No tool or tip pad is required to change tip
Tip inserts securely into the WMRS soldering Iron via a stereo jack
Tip Cartridges for WMRP / WMRP-MS / WXMP / WXMP-MS Irons

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