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No-Clean Flux Remover Cleaning Pen, .5oz Pen, MC011833

No-Clean Flux Remover Cleaning Pen, .5oz Pen, MC011833

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Clear liquid no clean flux remover pen. The residue-free, quick drying cleaner is ideal for use as a degreaser and general purpose cleaner.
The flux remover cleaning is ideal for for spot cleaning PCB’s, especially thru-hole and SMT designs. It dries briskly, has very little aroma, leaves no residuesm is non-corrosive and ESD-safe.
Best on no-clean fluxes and pastes,
Very good on light oils Flux, grease and many adhesives,
Dissolves silicone oils Flux, coatings and adhesive quickly and safely,
No residue/no rinsing,

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