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WX 1012 Solder Station WXP 65 230V F, WE012241

WX 1012 Solder Station WXP 65 230V F, WE012241


ESD-Safe WX Single Channel Digital Solder Station
Supplied with a 65W Iron (WXP 65)
High Powered Digital Soldering Stations
Capacitive glass touch screen is chemical and temperature resistant
Multi-language menu navigation, ready for automation using RS232 Serial I/O commands
Acts as a benchtop controller for the WHP1000 / WHP3000 hot plates
Acts as a benchtop controller for the Zero Smog 4V / 6V Filtration units
Multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and DATA LOGGING
Compatible with all WX series soldering Irons
Compatible with WXMT-MS desoldering tweezers
Can operate up to a 200 watt soldering Iron
Turn and click wheel with enter key and finger guide is intuitive to use
Large graphic LCD display can be viewed from all angles
Versatile connectivity options – preheaters and fume extraction systems
ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components
Uses XNT series soldering tips

Wattage 200W
Temperature Range 200°F to 850°F (100°C to 450°C)
Temperature Accuracy +/- 17°F (9°C)
Temperature Stability +/- 10°F (+/- 6°C)
Voltage Input 120V
Voltage Output 12V, 24V

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