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WXR3/ WXHAP200/ WXDV120/ WXP65 120V B, WE012454

WXR3/ WXHAP200/ WXDV120/ WXP65 120V B, WE012454

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Three channel rework station
600 watts of power
Soldering, hot air and vacuum functionality
Self contained – has electric pump
Does not require external compressed air
Compatible with WX tools
Three channels can be used simultaneously, up to 600 watts each
Easily integrated into a traceability process
Includes three handpieces:
Weller WXHAP200 Hot Air Pencil, 200 watts
WXDV120 Inline Desoldering iron, 120 watts
Disposable solder collection chamber
Standard – XDS series
Stainless steel – XDSL series
Weller WXP65 Soldering Iron
65 watts

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