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T0053662299N – Zero Smog 4V 100/120V B Kit1 Funnel, WE012525

T0053662299N – Zero Smog 4V 100/120V B Kit1 Funnel, WE012525

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Fume Extraction Unit suitable for applications such as hand soldering, heavy duty and general soldering, gluing, cleaning, filling, fine dust, MEK and VOC
Mobile fume extraction unit, extracts contaminants at up to 4 workplaces
Equipped with a F7 fine dust pre-filter and a Compact filter consisting of: Particle filter H13 and wide band gas filter (50 % active carbon / 50 % Chemisorb)
Constant Flow Control (CFC) guarantees automatical air flow regulation for each working place independent of the connected workplaces, at the same time avoiding unnecessary waste of suction power and saving energy
Electronic filter control with optical and acoustic filter alarm enables efficient filter performance monitoring
A powerful, maintenance-free turbine provides continuous fume extraction
Designed to be used as a small central system: the different kit options are supplied complete with a flexible hose, arms and brackets (depending on the kit version), ready for installation at the workplace
Kit for 1 operator, including: ALFA funnel nozzle, extraction arm, stop valve with bench mounting brackets, and extraction hose

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